About Me

I am but a contrail in the sky...

A Bit About Me

Born in the Sixties,  I had a wonderful childhood and teenage in the Seventies and Eighties. The Nineties saw me venturing into entrepreneurship, building relationships and pursuing knowledge that was now available thanks to the onset of the Internet.

Over the years, I have dabbled in photography and from developing negatives and printing black and white pictures in a dark room to exploring the myriad settings of digital SLRs to make pictures – I have done it all. Now, my phone is my camera.

An unusually active imagination coupled with a mind that delights in discovering knowledge and making connections has led me to come across thoughts and ideas that many a times help make sense of the world around us.

Which is why this site – I am trying to put together some of my pictures and words in one place for who knows, maybe someone else may find them interesting too 🙂